I’m Emma. I eat, read & ramble.

Born and raised in Ireland, I’ve called Liverpool my home for over ten years and from here in Booky Towers, my third-floor, city centre flat, I’m on a mission to reconnect with my rural roots by living and eating seasonally.

My life is stacked upon the books which built me – the childhood favourites, the novels and short stories which introduced me to new worlds and old friends, the works of non-fiction which have opened my mind, and the poetry which continues to teach me things about myself. And what books can’t show me of the world I want to see for myself, by travelling, exploring, living and by writing it all down.

I want to live well and tell good stories.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

Benjamin Franklin

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Wherever books or my little adventures might take me from day-to-day, I can always be found here and there online.

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